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          These rules are the result of many years of trial and error, edits, adjustments, allowances, and the combined efforts of many individuals.  These rules are not carved in stone, but they are largely tried and true.  Adhering to them will certainly bring you far less grief than straying from them.

          Every honey show is different.  Feel free to pick and choose the rules that work best for your group and your show.  Be mindful, the General Rules are there largely to protect the integrity of the show and its officials.  Decisions that might compromise the credibility of the final results should be given great weight.  The credibility and integrity of the people organizing and officiating your honey show should be vigorously protected.  Do not substantially depart from the General rules without good reason.

          Prizes and awards are another element unique to every show.  Be sure to clearly and precisely explain the prizes that will be awarded.  Be sure to have all prizes and awards on hand, and in good order, the day of the show.

          We have more than one hundred (100) competitive classes described within the following body of rules.  We are constantly adding more along the way too.  Few clubs, associations, or groups can muster the resources to put on a show with all of them.  So you should not feel like you have to do so either.  Pick and choose the categories you like – however many or however few – to suit your show’s needs. 

          Use these rules to help you build and run your own show.  They are here to help make your job easier and more enjoyable.  Always feel free to call on myself, or any of our Senior Judges, if you have a question or a problem, or for further guidance or assistance.  Good luck with your show!

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