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The Official Honey Judge toolkit

is a "must-have", indispensable toolkit for anyone who judges honey shows or stewards in training to become judges.

Honey Judge Toolkit

The kit consists of....

Two grading glasses (one light and one dark)

Five glass tasting rods

Exactly what a beginning honey judge will need. 

The grading glasses help the judge to verify that the honey entry is in the correct class.

The glasses are standardized, hand-made stained glass that will not fade.

The tasting rods are used to obtain a sample of the honey to be placed on a refractometer

or to be tasted for off flavors.

The toolkit can be personalized with the judges name and the Honey Judge badge for the state that the judge is certified.  The kit can also be purchased without a logo.

Current Honey Judges can receive a discount on your purchase.

For pricing and ordering information, please email Steve at

Other Items for your Judge's Tool Kit

Big Larry 3.jpg

  600 Lumen LED Light  

Big Larry Pro recharge.jpg

  500 Lumen LED Lght



  Honey Refractometer from Betterbee  

  50g Standard Weight  

standart weight 50g.jpg
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