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There are three levels in the AHSTC Honey Judge certification program: 

  1. Honey Judge Candidate

  2. Honey Judge

  3. Senior Honey Judge

Candidates for both levels may proceed through the certification process at their own pace. With the exception noted in the Level 1 description below, there is no other time limit for the completion of the program requirements. While it is technically possible to become a certified Honey Judge in as little as one (1) year, most individuals complete their Honey Judge certification in between one (1) and two (2) years. It typically takes at least five (5) additional years to achieve the rank of Senior Honey Judge.

A Summary of the Program Requirements for each level is below. A link to the full Program Requirements is posted below the summary.

Level 1: Honey Judge Candidate

To become a Honey Judge Candidate, one must attend an AHSTC approved Introductory Training Class. The training is a day-long program that includes a hands on workshops on preparing, showing/exhibiting, and judging bee produce, honey show organization and administration, professionalism and ethics, and much more!  Upon completing the Initial Training Course, a Honey Judge Candidate will be qualified to serve as both a Judge's Steward and a Honey Show Secretary.

Level 2: Honey Judge

There are two AHSTC Honey Judge certifications. The first certification, Honey Judge, requires seven steps be completed:

  1. Beginner Training

  2. Stewarding at 3 Honey Shows

  3. Secretary at 2 Honey Shows

  4. Earn 50 Honey Show Participation points

  5. Organize a local honey show

  6. Present a AHSTC Honey Judge Portfolio

  7. Assembly and Presentation of Judging Kit

  8. Final Exam 

*These requirements typically can be accomplished within 12-18 months of completing the Level 1 certification, though it may take longer depending on the individual. 

Level 3: Senior Honey Judge

The second certification, Senior Honey Judge, requires seven steps must be completed:

  1. Earn Honey Judge (Level 2) certification

  2. Complete 4 Advanced Training classes*

  3. Judging at 24 Honey Shows

  4. Secretary at 2 Honey Shows*

  5. Earn150 Honey Show Participation Points*

  6. Organize 2 state-level or higher honey shows

  7. Serve as a Honey Judge Instructor

  8. Present a Senior Honey Judge Portfolio

  9. Presentation of Judge’s Kit and Attire

  10. Final Exam

*These requirements are in addition to those required for Level 2 certification.

Upcoming Training Events

April 5-6, 2024              WVBA Spring Conference, Martinsburg, WV

                                    Level 1-2 training & certification.

June 14, 2024               TBA Summer Clinic, Plano, TX

                                    Level 1 training & certification.

July 11-12, 2024            NCSBA Summer Conference, Pinehurst, NC

                                    Level 1-3 training & certification.

July 18-19, 2024            SCBA Summer Conference, North Charleston, SC

                                    Level 1-3 training & certification.

Sept. 20-21, 2024        GA Beekeepers Association Fall Conference, Gainesville, GA

                                   Level 1-3 training & certification.

*If you would like to see a training event scheduled in your area,

please reach out to us or any of our certified judges. We can build a class

to suit your needs and bring it to your group and/or event!

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